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The builder

The Builder

So who am I and why do I think that I can build an airplane? I'm not a mechanic. I'm not overly mechanically inclined.

So what am I?

Background Information

I was born in 1958 near Chicago, IL. After college in St. Louis and a few years living in Wyoming, I moved to Colorado in 1986. I live with my wife of 20+ years and my two children in Parker, Colorado. My home is located on five rural acres about 20 miles southeast of Denver.


  • High School - Bogan H.S. (Chicago, IL)
  • Bachelor's Degree (Aviation Science) - Parks College of Aeronautical Technology (St. Loius, MO)
  • Master's Degree (Computer Information Systems) - University of Phoenix (Denver, CO)
  • Air Traffic Control - FAA Academy (Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Air Traffic Automation - FAA Academy (Oklahoma City, OK)

Flight/ATC Certificates:

  • Airline Transport Pilot - MEL (4900+ hours)
  • Commercial Pilot - SEL, SES
  • Certified Flight Instructor - Single Engine, Multi Engine, Instruments
  • Repairman's Certificate - Amateur Built Airplane
  • Control Tower Operator - Denver ATCT
  • Facility Rating - Denver Approach Control (TRACON)

Professional Experience:

  • Flight Instructor - 1979 through 1981 Casper, Wyoming (Casper Air Service)
  • FAR Part 135 Charter Pilot, full time 1981 through 1983 Casper, Wyoming (Casper Air Service)
  • FAR Part 135 Charter Pilot, part time 1983 through 1989 Casper, Wyoming (Casper Air Service)
  • Air Traffic Controller - Casper ATCT 1983 through 1986 (FAA)
  • Air Traffic Controller - Denver ATCT 1986 through 1989 (FAA)
  • Air Traffic Controller - Denver TRACON 1989 through 1992 (FAA)
  • Air Traffic Automation Specialist - National Terminal Support 1992 through 1997 (FAA)
  • Air Traffic Controller/Support Specialist - Denver TRACON 1997 through 2002 (FAA)
  • Air Traffic Control Operational Supervisor - Denver TRACON 2002 through 2004 (FAA)
  • Air Traffic Controller/Support Specialist - Denver TRACON 2004 through 2005 (FAA)
  • Air Traffic Control Support Manager - Denver TRACON 2005 through 2006 (FAA)
  • Air Traffic Control Operations Manager - Denver TRACON 2006 through Present (FAA)


  • First Solo - October, 1976
  • Graduation from College - August, 1979
  • Married Sandra (nee Breitsprecher) - SEPTEMBER, 1980
  • Son (David) Born - February, 1989
  • Lost left leg in motorcycle accident - August, 1989. You read this correctly. My leg was amputated just below the knee. However, this minor inconvenience hasn't stopped me from pursuing all the things I want to. I obtained a waiver (Statement of Demonstrated Ability) from the FAA in 1990 allowing me to retain a First Class medical certificate. I still fly, although the brakes are a bit tricky. I built my own workshop (are one legged guys supposed to climb ladders?). All this and more is possible. (Personal note here - tremendous thanks go to my prosthetists Ron Englander and Frank Comer at Innovative Prosthetics in Denver.)
  • Daughter (Sarah) Born - August, 1991
  • Master's Degree - July, 1996
  • Built an Airplane - Started in 2001
  • First Flight of My Homebuilt - 12/5/2003

Professional Memberships:

  • AOPA - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  • EAA - Experimental Aircraft Association
  • EAA Chapter 301 - Denver, CO
  • NATCA - National Air Traffic Controllers Association (past member)
  • LHBA - Log Home Builders Association


This is my son, David. He is the official digital photographer for this web site. He also performs duties as assistant builder and chief gofer ("David, go 'fer coffee. David, go 'fer a #30 drill bit.").

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