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The airworthiness inspection was completed on 11/10/03. But that doesn't mean the project is done. I still need to paint the accent colors on the fuselage. I will add the speed fairings during flight test. The wheel fairings will be added later. There are a whole bunch of areas to tweek.

After I received the Airworthiness Certificate, I realized that this was now legally an airplane. Therefore, any repairs or modifications had to be performed by an A and P mechanic - or I had to get my repairman's certificate. I went to the local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) with my application, builder's log, and letter from the Designated Airworthiness Representative. I was quickly issued the Repairman's Certificate which allows me to legally work on my creation, perform the condition inspections, and sign the maintenance logs.

These pictures show the aircraft as it is substantially complete.

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