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The seat pan is molded fiberglass. Fabric trim and cushions make it complete. I purchased the upholstery kit already sewn and fitted from Skystar.

Door Panels

Each door has an interior fabric panel with a pocket sewn on. The panels attach to the door with strips of velcro.
Door Panels

Center Console

Center Console

The center console and kick panels are covered in fabric. All markings, switches, and jacks have been installed. You can also see the wiring that I installed for the Push-To-Talk switches on each control grip.

Cockpit Lighting

I decided not to place individual post lights at each instrument location on the panel. I wanted a red flood/spot light to provide general illumination. Part of this decision came from my desire to keep a very small electrical draw on the system - especially in the event that I encounter an alternator failure.

I went searching for a small torpedo style light that would fit into my 12 volt system. I contacted J.W. Duff Aviation in Denver. This company is a large established aircraft salvage business. They have acres of aircraft and huge warehouses full of salvaged parts. Mr. Duff said that he had just what I needed - new and in the box. He had purchased a lot of 500 from the manufacturer and had three left. He was right. The light was made by Grimes. It was new, in the box, and had a manufacture date of June 10, 1957. It was exactly what I wanted.

I mounted the light to the tubing in the upper right rear of the cockpit. The light is controlled by a toggle switch combined with a dimming rheostat.

Cabin Light


More Center Console

My wife embroidered the labels for the flaps. It gives a nice finished look.

Cargo Bay

The cargo bay limitation markings were embroidered. I sewed a nylon divider along the right side of the bay to securely hold chocks, charts, oil, tools, etc.


GPS Mount

GPS Mount

I use a handheld GPS for navigation. I installed a RAM mounting pedestal to secure the GPS to the instrument panel. RAM makes a cradle for virtually every type of GPS unit. Therefore, when I update my GPS, the same mount can be used.

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