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Aircraft Data

The information on this page is for a generic Kitfox Series 6. It is derived from Skystar published data concerning this aircraft with a 100 horsepower Rotax 912S engine.

Average Empty Weight:750 pounds
N913KF Empty Weight:790.7 pounds
Maximum Gross Weight:1550 pounds
Average Useful Load:800 pounds
N913KF Useful Load:759.3 pounds
Cargo Bay Max:150 pounds
Stall Speed (Vso):43 mph
N913KF Stall Speed (Vso):39 mph
Best Angle of Climb Speed (Vx):55-60 mph
N913KF Best Angle (Vx):54 mph (625 fpm from 6500' to 9500')
Best Rate of Climb Speed (Vy):65-70 mph
N913KF Best Rate (Vy):65 mph 681 fpm from 6500' to 9500')
Maximum Flap Extended Speed (Vfe):80 mph
Average Cruise Speed:110-120 mph
N913KF Cruise Speed:119 mph
Maneuvering Speed (Va):92 mph
Maximum Normal Operate Speed (Vno):120 mph
Never Exceed Speed (Vne):140 mph
Load Limits:+3.8g to -1.52g
Average Takeoff Ground Roll:300 feet
Average Landing Ground Roll:300 feet
Average Rate of Climb:1200 feet/minute
N913KF Service Ceiling:Still climbing 400 fpm at 14,500'
Wingspan:32 feet
Wing Area:132 sq. feet
Length:19' 4"
Height:5' 8"
Cabin Width:42.5 inches
Wings Folded Length:22' 3"
Wings Folded Width:8' 0"
Fuel Capacity:27 gallons

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